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Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock exchange on an historic day when the Dow fell below 9,000 points.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock exchange on an historic day when the Dow fell below 9,000 points.
By Spencer Platt, Getty Images
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Viewers had more confidence in Obama after his second debate with McCain, according to a poll.
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A growing number of law enforcement agencies across the USA are chasing better fuel economy.
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McCain says 'failure not an option,' in Wisconsin.
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Bodies found in freezer tentatively identified.
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The National Debt Clock in New York is running out of room.
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Presidential election

Our interactive poll tracker shows how the race for the White House is evolving as the nation nears the general election.


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If the Browns struggle offensively at home this week, the Cleveland quarterback controversy. featuring Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn, figures to blow up.


Cowher: Cowboys 'asking for trouble' by retaining Pacman.
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The public's anger over Washinton's $700 billion Wall Street bailout plan may be focused on the wrong target, but it was exactly the right sentiment. Just look at all the ways Washington asks average taxpayers to help people of greater means. Here are four worthy targets to refocus the anger.

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Campaign trail
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Joe Biden said that McCain keeps switching responses to the economic crisis and now promotes a plan that would 'reward ... greedy behavior.'
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Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama plans to air a 30-minute commercial during prime time on Oct. 29, six days before Election...
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Sometimes you have to wonder if the presidential candidates are running to be First Celebrity or maybe Entertainer of the Year.
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UT has barred two students from registering for spring classes after they refused to take down political signs from their dormitory window.
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Playboy Archive
Delivering a shocking, stripped-bare book about Hugh Hefner is a bit like promising an expos on Madonna.
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The defense for Barry Bonds called one of the counts against the former slugger "fatally ambiguous" and questioned the steroids definition.
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By Jason Reed, Reuters
The plunging stock market, big bank failures, falling home values and other scary economic news could signal trouble for travel.
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The White House on Thursday sought to assure Americans that the U.S. is working aggressively to stabilize the nation's financial system.
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Japan's Nikkei index has declined more than 10% in early trade following massive losses on Wall Street.
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By Heinz-Peter Bader, Reuters
Extraordinary meeting Nov. 18 could lead to a coordinated production cut in a bid to halt crude's steep losses.
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Dismal sales results from mall-based apparel chains offered more fresh evidence that American consumers shut their wallets last month.
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By Robert Alan Benson, for USA TODAY
An outbreak of wildfires in California last year worsened smog pollution in rural areas and caused levels to spike above federal air...
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Hurricane Norbert has weakened to a category 1 storm as it approaches Mexico's Baja California peninsula.
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North Korea warned South Korea against provoking war as it reportedly deployed an arsenal of missiles near their sea border.
Across the USA
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Police say a tractor-trailer has crashed into a bus overloaded with members of an Amish church, turning the bus onto its side.
On Deadline
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An estranged Cambodian couple married for nearly 40 years have split their home 50-50 — sawing it in half to avoid expensive divorce laws.
Health and medicine
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More than 10,000 children remain hospitalized in China's tainted milk scandal, Chinese health officials revealed.
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