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Teleca is an international IT services company focused on R&D that develops and integrates advanced software and information technology solutions. We specialise in building real-time embedded systems, high-throughput services, device-related applications, industrial IT and automation and information provisioning systems. We offer proven technical and project management skills, industry expertise, and the development models necessary to create complete solutions.

Business concept, vision, goals and strategies

Business concept
Teleca's business concept is to provide expertise that builds and integrates advanced technology and software. Teleca assists global customers in adapting the complex and demanding new solutions they need to stay competitive. Teleca adds value by shortening the time to market and helping customers to strengthen their market positions and brands.

Teleca's vision is to be a leading global IT services company for advanced software and information technology solutions.

Leading - best in class, system integrator of choice, successful, strong reputation.

IT services company - customer is king, serving customer with expertise, advice and information, solving problems.

Advanced - forefront of complex technology, Teleca's unique selling point, new technologies will always create new opportunities.

Solutions - delivering added value including IPRs, Intellectual Property Rights, taking full responsibility, onestop- shop for new technology, higher value service, more consistent demand.

- The three year downturn in the market has lowered Teleca?s margins. Teleca's goal is to regain a margin (EBITA) of 15 per cent within 12 to 24 months. This is tough but still achievable thanks to the potential in reusable software, high margins for Obigo, restructuring measures that have been taken and improving markets for the telecoms sector, which accounts for about 70 per cent of Teleca's sales.
- Sustainable sales growth above the industry average.
- A dividend policy to pay out approximately 30 per cent of profit after tax with reversal for Group goodwill amortisation.
- An equity/asset ratio of at least 40 per cent.
- A net debt of around zero, in order to give Teleca a strong position to act in a downturn in the market.

In order to achieve its goals and ultimately the vision, Teleca pursues the following strategies:
- To provide customers with the best quality.
- To work with the leading electronics and software product manufacturers.
- To be a sales driven and efficient organisation.
- To offer a mix of products, reusable software and time and materialbusiness regarding customer's R&D.
- To be a global organisation focused on key vertical markets.

With in-depth expertise in the latest technology and profound industrial knowledge, we help customers to strengthen their market positions and shorten their time to market.

Our customers are world-leading companies with innovative product ideas or organisations where information technology is a key part of the operation.

We specialise in building real-time embedded systems, high throughput services, device related applications, industrial IT and automation and information provisioning systems. As well as being a services company, Teleca also has world-leading software products for mobile devices, which are marketed under the Obigo brand.

We work primarily in seven business areas: Mobile Devices, Operators, Network Equipment, Industrial IT & Automation, Enterprise, Automotive and Life Science


The Obigo mobile suite is a unique portfolio of flexible, extendable, integrated software products that make it easy to add browsing, messaging, and content management functionality to mobile devices.

Obigo is flexible and fully adaptable to manufacturers' requirements regarding functionality, security and interface design. The software products can be integrated independent of terminal operating systems and is compatible with all mobile phone bearer standards.

Obigo's pre-integrated, pre-tested software facilitates efficient utilisation of system resources and seamless interaction between applications. Obigo makes integration into cellular chipsets faster and integration of applications easier. This cuts time-to-market , allowing mobile device manufacturers to introduce new models faster and reduce costs. The Obigo Framework provides application support for the software modules, and is the core of the mobile suite. Once a module has been integrated, all that's left to do is port a few applications and service-specific APIs.

The compact and flexible Obigo Browser brings Internet browsing capability to all kinds of mobile devices. The flexible architecture supports both WAP as well as established Internet protocols and mark up languages.

The Obigo Messenger supports EMS and MMS and lets you send, receive, and display text, graphics, sound, and even video clips.

The Obigo Content Manager gives you the opportunity to add Download, DRM and Content management functionality to your mobile device. Like all the products in the Obigo suite, the Content Manager is thoroughly tested and ready for integration with the Obigo Framework.