Touch Events version 1

(W3C Candidate Recommendation 15 December 2011)

The followings are separated by chapter.

Chapter 1Introduction(0 Tests)
Chapter 2Conformance(0 Tests)
Chapter 3Touch Interface(27 Tests)
Chapter 4TouchList Interface(12 Tests)
Chapter 5TouchEvent Interface(64 Tests)
Chapter 6Extensions to the Document Interface(10 Tests)
Chapter 7Interaction with Mouse Events(5 Tests)
Chapter 8Glossary(0 Tests)
Chapter 9Issues(0 Tests)

  • Simple TouchEvent Test
  • Flicking
  • Sharp_contents_sampleA_0822
  • Sharp_contents_sampleB_0822_touchStart
  • Sharp_contents_sampleB_0822_touchEnd
  • Sharp_contents_sampleB_0822_touchMove
  • Sharp_contents_sample_0820_Ellen
  • Sharp_contents_Landscape