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Samsung's Armani and Serenata take a catwalk

Samsung's pair of uber designed Armani and Serenata cellphones were caught out on the town in a European paparazzi twist-up last night. Don't worry, we won't distract you from your vanity by running down the specs again. We will, however, swing open the stall door to more glamour than you can shake a rolled-up Benjamin at. Just click the read links for your fix. Go ahead, everybody's doing it.

[Thanks, Aniki]

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Hands-on with the AT&T Tilt

What can we say? The Tilt, like the Kaiser upon which it's based, is the ultimate execution of Windows Mobile 6 in this form factor. It's not for everyone, of course; Windows Mobile is the same old, cranky curmudgeon here that is is everywhere else -- and as anyone who's used version 6 knows, it's nothing more than 5 in a fresh set of clothes. That being said, HTC has done a great job of sprucing up the joint with a sprinkling of add-ins that make the OS more usable, while AT&T brings goodies like TeleNav, AT&T Music, and Cellular Video to the table. The hardware, though, is where this sucker shines. The Tilt has singlehandedly renewed our faith in HTC's ability to make exquisitely engineered devices, feeling utterly rock solid despite its relatively complex slide-tilt mechanism. It's heavy, but comfortably (and reassuringly) so, not to the point of annoyance, and the dark color scheme with black chrome nav keys looks better than we'd expected. One beef we expect some folks will have is with the Tilt's pudge -- it ain't the thinnest device in the world, about the same as the N95 (see the comparo shots in the gallery) -- but if you can get past that, this thing is the Windows Mobile device to have. For the moment, anyhow!

Gallery: Hands-on with the AT&T Tilt

The AT&T Tilt, October 5 for $299.99

Bringing all of the HTC Kaiser's joy to AT&T, the Tilt has finally been set for an October 5 launch. Besides the obvious feature of a tilting display -- hence the name -- the spec sheet reveals a 3 megapixel autofocus camera, HSDPA, stereo Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 6 Professional (the first AT&T device to officially rock it -- can ya believe it?), microSDHC slot for cards up to 32GB, WiFi, an integrated GPS receiver, and BlackBerry Connect support. Last time we checked, that pretty much covers the "superphone" checklist. Grab it starting Friday for $299.99 on contract after the full suite of rebates has been applied. Follow the break for a bonus shot of the Tilt in its upright and locked position!

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Palm Foleo unboxed, AT&T-branded Centro spotted?

Welcome to engadget: Bizarro Edition. Look, truth be told, now that the Foleo has been wiped from a foreseeable Palm future, we kind of wish we could get our hands on one (rare gadget collectors that we are). Well, at least one lucky, lucky gentleman has done just that, and he's been kind enough to share the pictures with the rest of the world. We're not sure how an individual goes about procuring this device, but we can honestly say we're pretty jealous. It's essentially like having an embalmed unicorn in your living room. But that's not all, kids. Take a long, hard look at that Centro in the photos (which is referred to as the Treo 500P) -- it's got AT&T branding all over that home screen. Is your curiosity piqued? Join the club. Take a look at the little curiosity after the break.

Is this the BlackBerry 9xxx?

Just in case you'd been getting tired of iPhone rumors, Zune 2 leaks, and more Centro "in the wild" shots than you can really stomach, we've got something to alleviate the pressure. Enter the Photoshopped yet appropriately-blurry, rumored next phase of the Research In Motion takeover... the BlackBerry 9xxx. Okay, adjust your eyeballs and listen up -- according to the Boy Genius Report, the new device is slated to launch sometime in early 2008, and will be delivering mouth-watering goods like HSDPA-ified 3G, a 600Mhz processor, and an integrated backup / restore function which should help keep the suits from sweating themselves out of their expensive leather office chairs. Of course, this is all deeply, deeply unconfirmed at the moment, though the Boy Genius says he has a source. We suggest taking it with a grain of salt -- but feel free to dream.

Samsung's dual-SIM DuoS D880

Dual-SIM handsets are a completely foreign concept in these parts, but in parts of Asia, they're a fairly common sight (three SIMs, though -- that's another story). Samsung's contributing its "DuoS" D880 slider to the fray, offering the capability to rock two SIMs from the same carrier or different carriers and switch seamlessly between the two for voice, data, and text functions. Sadly, the handset tops out at EDGE, though the other specs aren't half bad -- 3.2 megapixel cam, FM radio, stereo Bluetooth, et cetera -- and it looks alright, too. Look for it around a hefty $700 next month.

[Via Unwired View]

Apple eyeing Intel platform for future iPhone?

It sounds a bit odd that Apple would have to "consider" Intel for anything -- you know, considering that it provides the processors for the Mac lineup and all -- but according to DigiTimes, Cupertino could be looking Intel's way for a future iPhone platform. Granted, this rumor is indeed one of the weaker ones we've seen, and it's no secret that Apple tends to shift from vendor to vendor in order to keep costs down, but it's being reported that the firm could be "considering developing an iPhone" based on the Moorestown platform. Make of that what you will, but at least we know it's not likely to be called the iPhone Extreme if it does indeed materialize in due time.

[Via TGDaily]

Prototype mobile showcases e-ink keypad

An e-ink primary display on a cellphone? Eh, that's so 2006. On display at Japan's CEATEC show this week is a prototype clamshell that flips the concept on its head, moving the e-ink down below. The benefits are pretty obvious -- different keypad configurations can be shown in different phone modes, a tactic that's been explored before -- but unlike phones that use OLED or LCD displays, e-ink only requires power when it's being changed, so you get the combined benefit of configurable keys while consuming virtually no additional energy over a standard layout. Combine the concept with physical ridges between keys and we figure this could be a pretty killer setup since you wouldn't be losing tactile feedback, either. We see a good fifteen or twenty concept phones for every device that actually sees production, but since some folks bothered to throw together a physical prototype here, we're cautiously optimistic this thing might see the light of day.

[Via Ubergizmo]

Sony Ericsson announces W580i -- again

Maybe your PR peeps aren't on the ball, guys, but seriously -- stop trying to confuse us by announcing products that have been out for weeks. Sony Ericsson has, for some reason, (re)announced the W580i today following an original announcement way back in March and launches on Rogers and AT&T in August. Features are the same as they were the first time around: quadband GSM plus EDGE, Shake Control, 2 megapixel camera, A2DP, integrated FM radio, and availability in black, gray, and white. Look, if you don't have anything new to tell us about, that's cool! Just chill out until you do, k?

Rogers shows Motorola Q9h, WM6 upgrade for HTC s621

Using and loving Windows Mobile isn't always sunshine and roses -- sometimes your favorite carrier doesn't carry the phone you're looking for, sometimes your manufacturer doesn't release the WM6 upgrade in a timely fashion, sometimes the next-gen platform arrives years later than you'd hoped. But every once in a while, all the stars align just right. This is just such a week for Rogers, which is starting to get real with the Motorola Q9h (though it's not for sale just yet) and has finally released a Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for its own version of the HTC Excalibur, the s621. The only question, then, is just when can we get that Kaiser, Rogers?

[Via Mobile In Canada and Smartphone Thoughts]

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Verizon Wireless allows customers to change plans without extending contract

Though you may be used to hearing Alltel boast of its consumer-friendly policy that enables users to change their plan at anytime without requiring a contract extension, now would be a good time to gear up for lots of similar chatter from Verizon. Reportedly, Verizon Wireless will soon allow its users to change up their plans mid-contract without asking them to sign on for any additional time, which should thoroughly excite those customers who've been regretting their plan decision since day two. So go on, Verizon customers, start scoping out which plan best fits your current lifestyle, because the new rule goes into effect on October 7th.

[Thanks, Kiwi616]

RIM experiencing yet another BlackBerry outage?

While reports are slow to come in so far, Blogging Stocks is now reporting that RIM may possibly have yet another outage on its hands, with at least some BlackBerry users in New York and Washington apparently getting nothing but a "data connection refused" error when they try to check their email. If it turns out to be of any size, this particular outage would be only the latest in a recent spate RIM has suffered -- and not even the first in the past month. As always, if you're experiencing some problems of your own, feel free to sound off in comments, preferably with details on your location, carrier, etc.

J Allard says no Zune Phone on the horizon, Zune tattoo guy weeps

The funkiest and freshest dude in Redmond, J Allard, has once again reached out to the people and dropped straight-up knowledge in regards to Zune Phone rumors. According to the report, during an interview with Reuters Allard shrugged off the chatter, saying that the company was focusing on the new Zunes at the present time. It would have seemed like a total dead-end, but the Microsoft exec then noted that the Zune was built on top of Windows Mobile, and added that the giant has, "The flexibility to take these in a different direction where [sic] our customers, our partners and we are ready." Sure, some new product would be nice, but let's be honest folks -- why would you need to make a phone when everyone is running your software anyway?

Garmin's Mobile XT turns your phone into a GPS superstar

Garmin -- your favorite GPS team ever -- are about to drop some serious map-styles all over your mobile phone. The company today announced a new set of microSD cards preloaded with its navigation software and standard maps of the US or Europe. The cards will turn your average, boring, ugly phone into a bona fide GPS superstar. Dubbed the Garmin Mobile XT, the card will tout all of the features of a typical hardware Garmin GPS unit, like turn-by-turn directions, route planning, and voice prompts. Additionally, the card provides access to the GPS-maker's online service, which lets you get real-time fuel prices, traffic reports, and weather updates. We know, you're thinking all of this sweet and easy action is going to cost you an arm, leg and first-born... but you're wrong. The company is offering the card right now for the painfully affordable price of $99, with no monthly fees or other costs, thus making this purchase seem attractive even if you don't really need it.

Palm's Ed Colligan confirms: no new Palm OS till end of 2008

Just in case you missed the mention in our post about Palm's Q1 FY08 conference call, or the earlier report about the company's new OS getting more delays, take notice: Ed Colligan did indeed confirm that we won't be seeing a new operating system on Palm devices until the end of next year. Of course, with a track record like this crew has, we're not holding our breath, and would seriously suggest you follow suit.

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