Ice cream, popsicles, cakes, sandwiches, sundaes, bars, cones, and ices melting and reforming.
From: MindPie
Views: 164,347

Time: 03:06 More in Film & Animation laRenea I fell in love with your good In love with your bad In love with your everything In l (more)
Views: 260,250

Time: 03:25 More in Music
I impersonate another 100 characters. Five minutes. No cuts. Hilarity ensues. See the original at: (more)
From: FlashJMG
Views: 748,047

Time: 05:03 More in Entertainment
A Stopmotion film about a chocolate Santa Claus. It took us nearly 7 hours and over 500 pictures to create this 1 min. shortfilm. (more)
From: kraki0
Views: 245,341

Time: 00:57 More in Film & Animation
Gnome is feeling the Christmas Spirit
From: yetivsgnome
Views: 330,807

Time: 00:37 More in Film & Animation
Santa Claus nowadays uses many modes of transport when he is about to visit homes on every continent, but most of all he enjoys th (more)
Views: 314,563

Time: 01:13 More in Travel & Events
Jesus celebrates his 2007th birthday.
Views: 319,388

Time: 01:40 More in Comedy
Batman stars in this new spin on "Twas the Night Before Christmas." I wrote this story a year ago as a gift for RandomGal. Sinc (more)
Views: 539,114

Time: 05:28 More in Entertainment
WOW, first of all, there are no words in the dictionary that could describe how thankful and grateful i am for all the wonderful w (more)
From: KokoKaina
Views: 401,592

Time: 03:03 More in Music
My daughter made this in a one-week animation class at her school. She was age eleven at the time (in 6th grade, not 7th as I wrot (more)
From: cswaterfall
Views: 466,576

Time: 00:47 More in Film & Animation
Hope you like the video! I had fun making it. I also hope everyone has a great holiday season! Special thanks to my friend Gr (more)
From: GoRemy
Views: 696,305

Time: 02:38 More in Comedy
Christmas tree built from 1050 stubbies (250ml bottles), equivalent to 462 pints. Tied together with 300 meters of wire and decora (more)
From: Adamarla
Views: 696,452

Time: 01:39 More in Film & Animation
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