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Scientist: Holographic television will become reality

cnn.com ? Picture this: you're sat down for the Football World Cup final, or a long-awaited sequel to the Sex and the City movie and you're watching all the action unfold in 3D on your coffee table. It sounds a lot like a wacky dream, but don't be surprised if within our lifetime your TV brings you face-to-face with life-sized versions of your gaming heroes.More… (Tech Industry News)


Virginia: Obama 53% vs. McCain 43%

surveyusa.com ? McCain is losing white voters, male voters, pro-choice voters, etc. McCain has lost his lead in EVERY region of Virginia now. More… (US Elections 2008)


8 Reasons Why You've GOT to Keep Watching Baseball

braveslaunchpad.com ? These potential story lines could still make for an excellent October.More… (Baseball)


Incredible Pictures of Earth from Above [PICS]

boston.com ? Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand will bring his work to the United States for the first time in 2009. Aiming to inspire people to think globally about sustainable living, Arthus-Bertrand has been photographing unique views of our planet, seen from the sky, since 1994 - and has produced an exhibit of over 150 4-ft. by 6-ft. printsMore… (Travel & Places)


It's a Motherboard of a Cake view!

IMAGE ? lh5.ggpht.com (Odd Stuff) made popular 42 min ago

Sarah Palin wins Rubber Dodo Award [PIC] view!

IMAGE ? biologicaldiversity.org (Odd Stuff) made popular 52 min ago

Boeing’s Missile Defense Plan: Robots, Mirrors & Lasers!

popularmechanics.com ? Ballistic missile defense via airplanes mounted with lasers may seem straight out of science fiction, but add a fleet of UAVs with mirrors to increase the laser's range, and military insiders say the system might just work. More… (Hardware)


Top McCain Aide: ‘If We Talk About The Economy, We'll Lose'

thinkprogress.org ? “It’s a dangerous road, but we have no choice,” a top McCain strategist told the Daily News. “If we keep talking about the economic crisis, we’re going to lose.”More… (US Elections 2008)


Judge halts sale of RealDVD in wake of lawsuit

arstechnica.com ? Real has been ordered to temporarily suspend distribution of its new DVD ripping and archiving product, RealDVD, thanks to a lawsuit filed by the MPAA claiming that it facilitates copyright infringement. In the meantime, consumers will continue using the countless free DVD-ripping applications available online.More… (World News)


Man Pays £1,950 for 1,200km Cab Ride to Beer Festival

metro.co.uk ? A cab driver did a double-take when a customer asked to be driven 1,200km (740 miles) from Portsmouth to Munich. The cab driver agreed to take the passenger in his 30s on the 17-hour trip ? at a cost of £1,950. The passenger explained he had to get to the Munich beer fest as soon as possible as he had missed a flight for his friend's stag night.More… (Travel & Places)


Obama Leading McCain in New Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota

news.yahoo.com ? Obama, an Illinois senator, leads 49 percent to 42 percent among Ohio voters, according to a Columbus Dispatch poll of 2,262 likely voters released yesterday. The survey, conducted Sept. 24 to Oct. 3, shows a change from a poll by the newspaper before the parties' nominating conventions, when McCain had a single percentage-point advantage. The stMore… (US Elections 2008)


Jim Cramer throws in the towel

blogs.moneycentral.msn.com ? I wonder how much influence Jim Cramer has on the markets. The host of CNBC's "Mad Money" went on the Today show Monday and told investors to get out. "Whatever money you may need for the next 5 years, please take it out of the stock market right now, this week," he said. "I do not believe that you should risk those assets in the stock market"More… (Business & Finance)


UK Government gives £1 billion to log every E-mail and SMS

thisisgloucestershire.co.u… ? Known as the Interception Modernisation Programme, the scheme would enable GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 personnel, and also police, to access complete information on every text, email and visit to a website made in this country...More… (Security)


Berkeley Breathed QUITS 'Opus' strip, wants McCain gone too!

latimesblogs.latimes.com ? Breathed told LAT: "30 years of cartooning to end. I’m destroying the village to save it. Opus would inevitably become a ranting mouthpiece in the coming wicked days, and I respect the other parts of him too much to see that happen." The 5-year-old Sunday comic will end just before the presidential election. Breathed called on John McCain to quit.More… (Comics & Animation)


Bush Canceled Meeting With Iran As it Might Help Obama

[Reported by Diggers as Possibly Inaccurate]

news.yahoo.com ? The Bush administration has shelved plans to set up a diplomatic outpost in Iran, in part over fears it could affect the U.S. presidential race or be interpreted as political meddling, The Associated Press has learned.More… (Political News)

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