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DRM Tests in Obigo Korea

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CD_04102801_mp4_PlayTwice dm 99075 bytes
CD_audio_midi_Playtwice dm 3688 bytes
CD_mp3_34sec_turk_2play dm 547974 bytes
CD_mp3_59sec_testsong_audio_PlayTwice dm 965536 bytes
CD_Sine_1khz_59sec_wav_Playtwice dm 5204743 bytes
CD_video_mpeg1_29sec_obigoCountdown_Playtwice dm 2755484 bytes
DRM_3gp_05sec_car4_video_CombinedDelivery dm 40782 bytes
DRM_3gp_07sec_car1_video_PlayOnce dm 80033 bytes
DRM_3gp_07sec_car1_video_PlayTwice dm 80029 bytes
DRM_3gp_14sec_car_3_video_ForwardLock dm 147540 bytes
DRM_3gp_14sec_car3_video_PlayOnce dm 148325 bytes
DRM_3gp_55sec_dogs_video_PlayTwice dm 536393 bytes
DRM_aac+v1_3gp_128_44_stereo_audio_ForwardLock dm 3159733 bytes
DRM_aac+v2_3gp_128_44_stereo_audio_ForwardLock dm 3159733 bytes
DRM_CD_3gp_05sec_car4_video dm 41499 bytes
DRM_CD_3gp_20sec_testsong_audio dm 40776 bytes
DRM_CD_svg_06sec_obigo_anim dm 9975 bytes
DRM_CD_SVGanimation dm 47343 bytes
DRM_FL_svg_06sec_obigo_anim dm 9232 bytes
DRM_SD_3gp_05sec_car4_video dcf 40941 bytes
DRM_SD_3gp_05sec_car4_video dr 806 bytes
DRM_SD_3gp_05sec_car4_video_2 dcf 41032 bytes
DRM_SD_3gp_05sec_car4_video_2 dr 936 bytes
DRM_svg_06sec_obigo_animation_CombinedDelivery dm 10015 bytes
DRM_svg_06sec_obigo_animation_ForwardLock dm 9232 bytes
Obigo Audio aac+v1 128 44 Stereo 3gp 3159638 bytes
Obigo Audio aac+v2 128 44 Stereo 3gp 3159638 bytes
one2.marquee dm 2062 bytes
Pixel_2xrun_B dm 95128 bytes
test2 dm 302224 bytes


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