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AMRACP amr 3373 bytes
AMRAudioPlayback amr 3373 bytes
AMRMode0ACP 3gp 13733 bytes
AMRMode1ACP 3gp 14733 bytes
AMRMode2ACP 3gp 16733 bytes
AMRMode3ACP 3gp 18733 bytes
AMRMode4ACP 3gp 20733 bytes
AMRMode5ACP 3gp 21733 bytes
AMRMode6ACP 3gp 27733 bytes
AMRMode7ACP 3gp 32733 bytes
BrowseLocalAudioContents amr 3373 bytes
Copy of MPEG4VCP mp4 392089 bytes
love_default mp4 81315 bytes
MPEG4VCP mp4 392089 bytes
MPEG4VideoPlayback mp4 392089 bytes
RMACP rm 15958 bytes
RMAudioPlayback rm 15958 bytes
smafACP mmf 6132 bytes
SMAFAudioPlayback mmf 6132 bytes
SPMidiACP smid 5899 bytes
XMFACP xmf 19141 bytes
XMFAudioPlayback xmf 19141 bytes


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